07 September 2007

Franzmann Joy

Praise for the Sureness of God's Gifts

How sure, how sure
the unbent and unending
circling of the lights
which Your primeval Word
has coiled around my world!

How sure
the fixed procession
of my days and nights,
the ordered cadence of the seasons,
and the counted rhythm
of my lapsing years!
Nothing more sure than these,
nothing more sure
than the fixed dying
they dole out to me -
save You.

Only Your giving is more sure than they.
Only the life You give us
will outlast and outshine them all.

(Pray for Joy, p. 11)


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the poem.

I wonder where I can find a copy of Franzmann's book. Amazon.com doesn't have it, and Google doesn't turn up much. Any ideas?

William Weedon said...


It's been out of print for years, sadly. Was originally published by CPH (London/St. Louis) in 1970. Albiris is probably place to look - and if you get one, keep it! They are hard to find. Found mine in the wonder Coop (the bookstore at Concordia Bronxville - filled with all sorts of goodies back then - as in 1980!).