17 September 2007

An Opportunity...

...to introduce yourself.

I look at the sitemeter on this blog some days and marvel: "Who ARE all these people? How did you find out about this blog? What church do you belong to? Do you have a family? Etc." This is YOUR chance to speak up.

My challenge to the readers:

INTRODUCE yourself! Tell your fellow blog readers who you are and something about your background. I confess that I am very curious to know who you are. Some of you, I can guess. I see Richmond and I think Anastasia. I see Atlanta and I think Rose (or Dixie or whatever she's going by these days!). But many of you, I haven't a clue about! So, come on. Be bold. Let's see WHO you are!


Presbytera said...

Barb here in Cleveland OH. Did you guess that one? Married to Dean and we are at Christ Lutheran Church in the inner city. 2 grown sons, 6 grandchildren. I have to say that your blog is one of the more prolific blogs I read but always thought provoking.

William Weedon said...

Yes, Barb, I DID guess that one. I have enjoyed reading yours as well - especially about Dean's Orthodox Baba who was so proud of her priest grandson. She sounded like a formidible woman. Who needs a stewardship drive when you had HER in your parish???

William Weedon said...

P.S. Barb, profilic is probably a very nice way of saying that I talk too much! But thanks for the kind words about all that talking. I DO talk too much. I've always been told so. As my poor sis.

Anonymous said...

Nervous here. My name is Tammy, just moved to Wisconsin from North Carolina (I grew up here but no one can tell with my accent - dog-gone-it!!) Anyways, I am on this site daily as with about 5 other blogs that I regularly visit each day. I find that coming to these sites to be like a cup of coffee, my brain doesn't quite wake-up until I scroll through my favorite blogs to see what everyone else is up to. It is kind of like visiting friends who don't realize I am visiting.

Anyways, we have 8 children, just recently baptized our 7th boy this last Sunday. We live in SE Wisconsin and while none of the children or my husband were ever raised here, they absolutely love it!

So now you know that I have lurked regularly for ... ohhh ... about 2 or more years now. I think it has been that long ... it feels that long. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Librarian! Pastor! Lurker only! Old Guy, 66 years old! Six grandchildren! Fisherman! Plays with antique power equipment! Married 40 years to same bride! Teach 3 bible classes in my home parish! Looking forward to retirement! In retirement, want to travel to Homer, Alaska to see an old friend from my parish days.

Steven G. said...

Hello Pastor. I visit your blog everyday, but I don't always comment. The conversation is good. The only thing that I need to add to my profile is that we are expecting our fourth boy!

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Howdy, Pastor. Love hearing you on Issues, Etc., and love reading your insights even more than the church father of the day.

Layman, 33, traveling software instructor for a well-known oilfield services company. :)

As far as location goes, I live in Ohio, but the past few days have taken me through Denver and Grand Junction, CO, and Vernal, UT, and my previous Dan Nation Tour took me through Casper and Gillette, WY. If you look at the logs and see Williston, ND, in a couple of weeks, that's probably me.

Married, with twin girls of 4 years, one with mild autism (and improving at that) and perfect pitch, the other already memorized the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the opening of Matins and Vespers. Still working on those Commandments... :)

Jealously trying to get a confessional LCMS presence in my neighborhood 20 miles east of Columbus, OH, that will help my family while I am gone. At 30 miles away the church we've been going to and the church we had gone to are a little difficult for a mom with two kids to participate in while I'm gone.

Mom has help from her parents taking care of the kids, but I pray for the day when I can provide for our special needs and be home to fulfill that vocation of "Dad." My job takes me away from the house usually 3 weeks a month, and I'm gone the weekends during those trips too.

I like to sing in choir, usually tenor because there's usually more bass than tenor, but since I've been on the road I can't ever make any choir practices, so that's where the solos come from. :)

And then there's that blog where you've thoughtfully commented on a couple of times. Thank you.

Susan said...

Howdy, Pastor. I don't think you can tell who I am from site-meter: I think show up as one of those "unknown" locations somewhere in America. But I think you know me through my husband. For others, I'm in SE Wisconsin, have six kids, and occasionally attend Tammy's church [waving at Tammy, whose boys sing like angels] as well as my own.

Rev. Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes said...

St. Louis, MO. CPH. I'm a pastor, married, father of 1 young son.

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
I'm Jennifer. I'm 34, Married, Mother of a 2 year old girl (with a kidney disorder). We've been shut-ins for a year and a half since our daughter gets sick requiring hospitalization every time we put her in the nursery. If we keep her with us, she's such a distraction that we can't get anything out of the service. We used to attend Faith Lutheran in Troy, MI. Now we're looking around for somewhere less "megachurch".

One of my internet friends recently converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and I went to the internet looking for the Lutheran perspective. I found Cyberbretheren and then you.

William Weedon said...

Thank you, Richard, Steven, Dan, Susan and Ben, for the introductions.

Tammy!!! I didn't realize you guys had moved. Give my best to your hubby, whom I had the joy of visiting with in person for one all too brief evening several years ago.

William Weedon said...

Hi, Jennifer. So sorry to hear about your daughter's kidney trouble. May our good Lord bless and sustain you both - and guide you to a place where the rich pastures of the Word and Sacraments rejoice and strengthen you!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I can do this, though I'm only 1/2 through my morning coffee...

I'm Mark, a Lutheran pastor from Fargo. Husband of Vanessa and the geriatric parent of 4 year old Max. (I'd always heard people say you should have your grandchildren first, so I followed the advice.)

I found this blog last fall on sabbatical when I had the leisure to do such things and now check a couple times a day....with my morning coffee and then through the day when I try to remember what I read earlier.

Rev. David M. Juhl said...

Rev. David M. Juhl, 35, serving Our Savior Lutheran Church, Momence, IL. I like to joke Pr. GeRue (Pr. Weedon's headmaster on military sabbatical) and I traded districts.

I used to serve about 90 minutes SE of Pr. Weedon.

Married almost 4 years, one daughter just turned 3.

Much of who I am theologically comes from Bill Weedon osmosis, either online or in person.

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

Hi! I'm Rich, a pastor in southern Indiana.

My wife, Kristi, and I are RF grads. We have one son, age 9. (He is quite healthy, but due to complications that Kristi had, the doctors urged us not to try for more children.)

I have a deep love for liturgy and catechesis, and that makes this blog a fantastic part of my daily reading. We also have a deep love for the Saint Louis area -- city and metro/southern IL, so that interest also picks up on fun references in these columns.

Always a joy to read of the evangelical catholic faith of the Augustana Rite here! :-)

Mike Baker said...

Mike Baker, Texas, 26, married, no kids but we are trying.

I am in the Army. I also work as an engineering technician for an R&D department in a civilian company.

I was raised in various protestant churches as a kid. I became a musician and served in a church that became engrossed in the charismatic movement for eight years. Been there... done that.

I'm kind of shocked to be one of those dusty, old Lutherans. I was confirmed and joined the LCMS a little over a year ago.

Because my military duty takes me out of town almost every month, chances are that I will stumble into one of your churches before too long.

Anonymous said...

Pr. Christopher M. Fincher, Christ Lutheran in Elkhart KS, and Faith Lutheran in Hugoton KS. Husband to Rebecca, father to three with one on the way. Faithful lurker.

LutherPunk said...

Hi. I am an ELCA pastor in metro Atlanta. I check in almost everyday for your patristic and Lutheran quotes. They have often made it into sermons, but more often provide spiritual uplifting for the day in the course of otherwise busy days.

Frustrierten Wikingen said...

Hi! I'm Eileen Esget from Minnetonka, MN. I hardly miss a day without checking into your blog. I'm grateful for your posts. Keep at it, faithful pastor.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Barry Long from Peoria, Illnois here. Happy to read - and happy to keep my ignorance cloaked in silence....
Peace to all in Christ!

Doorman-Priest said...

Hi, Doorman-Priest (aka Jack) here. Ordinand, teacher, teacher trainer and relief Doorman from Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. Have recently started blogging and enjoy Weedon's blog for its spirituality, humanity and humour.

Nice to meet you all.

I have also found it a safe place to enter into theological discussions on issues where Pastor Weedon and I don't necessarly agree.

D.P. (5.40 pm GMT)

Rosko said...

Father, I come from all over. It depends on where I am on a given day. These days it's usually Fort Wayne, but I've been just about anywhere in DuPage County, Illinois quite a bit too. And on a rare occasion I come in from St Paul, MN.

Maria said...

I'm Maria. I'm a senior at the university of Florida, majoring in pipe organ performance and minoring in chemistry. I'm currently in the process of applying to medical schools. I'm 17, and I converted to Lutheranism about two or three years ago, after being raised baptigelical. I've been reading your blog for a long time.

I think that pretty much covers it.

Anonymous said...

I'm Carla - wife of Tom, a pastor in southern Minnesota. We read your blog daily...have to get my "fix" or I feel like my day just isn't running right! Thanks for all you write; it's truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Weedon,
Been reading for quite a while. You are on my daily reads list too!
Mom of three and wife of one for 25 years- Orthodox Catechumen who lives in Central PA-Mom to one "Lucky" Beagle, who is a big fan of Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Weedon,
I am a retired aerospace engineer living in San Jose, California. We attend a wonderful (conservative, confessional, liturgical - yes there are a few in California) church in Cupertino. My wife and I are from southern Illinois, Nashville and Hoyleton. We have driven on I-55 a number of times, so we know where you are. Thanks for your web site.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Northwest Arkansas. My name is Terry, I am in the hospitality business and a lifelong Lutheran. If Bo Giertz were writing about an American pastorate you and your parish would be the central theme. This blog is refreshing, comforting and always exhilirating spiritually. Thank God you truly live your calling and unashamed to let others see.


Anonymous said...

your house.
or Seward
One child! My darling who you are keeping locked up and NEVER go visit. jerk. You just aren't a very good opa.
I read your blog because it avoids homework. Like now (don't tell Dean he thinks I'm doing art). Oh and it keeps me posted on whats going on at home since you never write me letters.
Dean reads your blog because he likes reading your sermons and other stuff.

Jim said...

Pastor Weedon,

I just started visiting your blog a few months ago.

Father of two, husband of one. LCMS layman. Professor in a social science at an R1 research institution; Director of Graduate Studies; editor of a scholarly journal.

I think I first saw you over at the Blog of Concord; more recently at CPA's website.

Keep up the great work!

William Weedon said...

My goodness! LOTS of people to greet and I am so happy to get to know something about you all.

Except for that rude child from Seward! She thinks I torture her CAT (which she calls her child) just because we are RE-POTTY training the nasty beast. Life has actually been pretty sweet since the cat's been locked up in the basement bathroom. After the two weeks are up, I think we should continue to leave her there. No, I'm not anti-cat - I still miss my Pumpkin! - but Katie has been driving us CRAZY since he died. My sympathy to a cat's grief only goes so far... :)

William Weedon said...

P.S. LEW, I do believe that I have send you 100% more letters than you have sent me. In other words, I sent you one and you sent me none. Sadness. I feel SOOOOOOOOO neglected. ;)

Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

Pr. Weedon,

Your statement that you had sent Lew 100% more letters than he's sent you would be true if he'd sent you 1 and you'd sent him 2.

However, since he has sent zero, you can't say that. To calculate the percentage would require division by zero, and thus the result would be that you have sent him INFINITY percent more than he's sent you.

Good thing you didn't major in math. ;-)

William Weedon said...

Pastor Lehmann,

I have no doubt you are correct. You know that mathematically challenged doesn't begin to describe the reality; but the LEW isn't a HE, it's Lauren.

DebD said...

You know me. Obnoxious and much younger SIL. I usually read you from Bloglines and I'm not sure sitemeter counts those.

Anonymous said...

We were members of the ELCA before we moved to CA from PA. We found the same wonderful conservative and confessional LCMS church in Cupertino that Don attends. There is a big difference between the confessional LCMS churches and the churches in the ELCA. We were Lutheran all our lives.
Thanks for the wonderful site.


Cha said...

Greetings, Pastor!
I'm Cha (unusual name, I know). Former ELCA Lutheran, Orthodox newbie, wife of 1, mother of 2, and church secretary in an ELCA congregation in Mpls. (formerly an LCMS congregation).

I read your blog daily - I guess I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for a good Confessional Lutheran!


Rev. Daniel A. Hinton said...

I read your blog mostly via my RSS reader, which doesn't register on SiteMeter (a lesson I learned from my own blog). I am a first-year seminarian at Concordia Theological Seminary who sits among neck-high piles of books. Right now, I have fourteen open simultaneously to complete one assignment for Gospels I. I came to your blog after hearing you several times on Issues, Etc. Keep up the good work, and God bless you.

123 said...

Christopher, New York City, Orthodox, former WELS, friend from the Orthodox-Lutheran list.

When signing in from the office I register as being from Los Angeles since that is where our North American server is.

Anonymous said...

I'm another Christopher (I think there are 3 of us) in Omaha, NE. Antiochian Orthodox Christian former LCMS. I also blog or lurk on Orthodox-Lutheran websites and lists.

I teach both Greek and Latin and always like a good theological argument or discussion.

William Hyland said...

Hi Pastor. WE have exchanged emails before, and "met" on one of Bill Tighe's lists.I live in De Pere, WI, with my wife and two children, where I teach Latin and medieval Church history, and direct the Center for Norbertine Studies at St. Norbert College. I am Roman Catholic, and very interested in Lutheran things due to both my Norwegian heritage AND my scholarly field of late medieval/Reformation history. I enjoy the quotations and reflections, and probably check in to read them more than I realize!

Tim said...

I'm a Lutheran pastor in the holy city (St. Louis), the husband of one wife (for 31 years as of yesterday), the father of two grown daughters left behind in Cleveland (Ohio).

I'm fortunate enough to study and eat lunch with Pr. Weedon each week. What a joy!

Tim Landskroener

Anonymous said...


Stumbled on your site about a year ago while looking for info on Lutherans and Lutheranism. Have been pleasantly surprised. Oh, I'm from Richmond, VA.

RPW said...

Hi Pastor,

I've been reading you for quite a while now and I've appreciated your insights and friendliness. My name is Lora Horn, and my husband Jeff is a pastor just north of Fort Wayne.

William Weedon said...

Again, greetings to each and every one of you! Wow, I'd love for the chance to meet you all face to face, and I am honored that you all visit the blog. May the joy of the Savior be yours in abundance!

Anonymous said...

well, considering you granted me the moniker I use in these comments way back when I was commenting anonymously, you know who I am - but the rest of your readers may or may not know - so here goes:

James Leistico, born in Charleston, SC (and baptized by a RIM guy), grew up on the central coast of California, exiled to the midwest for Seminary and life in the parish as an LCMS Pastor of two S. Illinois churches 70 minutes south of Hamel. (Doorman Priest, I also spent a year studying at Westfield House in Cambridge, England.)
Blessed by God to be husband to the gracious and funny Laura, father of pre-school Emma, potty training Jonathan, and trying to scoot Timothy (two months old as of today...). Weedon was my PALS supervisor (a group for newbie pastors) - and sang to me that people were dying everywhere on my birthday...

Past Elder said...

Christopher P -- I'm from Omaha too! Which Antiochan parish are you with -- there's two, I think, one of them right across from the Lutheran Church for the deaf which is one of ours (LCMS) and the other not far from my old WELS parish. Pastor is a good friend (and my older son's mid-week teacher this year!) and some time before I am gathered unto my ancestors I hope to be able to pray the Our Father in sign.

Pastor knows exactly who I am, but for the rest -- I'm a 57 year old widower father of a 10 and 11 year old, raised pre-conciliar RC, bailed after Vatican II (if you're cradle Lutheran, think Seminex on steroids and you'll about have it), spent twenty odd years as a non Christian but hanger on to Orthodox Judaism, professed the Lutheran faith in WELS in 1996, was an elder there, hence the posting name, and joined LCMS last year. I'm also a recovering academic, haven't taught a undergraduate or graduate class since 1984, and now work for a military financial institution.

My "real name" is Terry Maher.

Pastor Zip said...

Hello, Fr. Weedon. The Rev. Steven P. Tibbetts, STS, another pastor here "playing in Peoria" -- I'm called to Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA, via Iowa Synod), a small "urban" congregation that's been on the same corner for its 113-year history. Expatriate Angeleno, with Augustana and Missouri Synods in my roots, though my baptism was in the old California Synod, ULCA. 48, never married, no children (alas, the latter no longer automatically follows the former). Creator of "Pastor Zip's Christian/Lutheran Web Links" and webmaster for the Society of the Holy Trinity. Every time I drive by St. Paul's, Hamel, on I-55 I think I should have dropped you a note to see if you'd be around so we could meet in person -- hmm, with our Chapter Retreat next month at Todd Hall in Columbia... We first "met" on the "Lutheran Liturgy List" where I appreciated your thoughts and spirit, as I do with your blog.

The Ankernator said...

A little late out of the blocks, but thought I'd add an Aussie connection! Pastor Matt Anker in Shepparton, Victoria. I visit your blog daily and am enormously thankful for the blessings which result. You've inspired my reading in directions I wouldn't otherwise have known about and provide encouragement in all things liturgical! Also enjoy hearing you on Issues. Bless you Pastor Weedon.

Anonymous said...

Allan, layman from Cross of Christ,
Desoto, Texas.I found your web site while listening to Issues Etc. I's always good to hear you on that program. Your insights into the Church Fathers, Reformers, the new hymnal and the Liturgy (chant!) are most benificial. Also, thanks for sharing you wonderful family with us. You are truly a blessing to the Church.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Omar Pom,32, from sunnier locales -- the Caribbean. Although originally from Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean, I am now a resident of Dutch St. Martin where my maternal grandparents were from.My ethnic background stretches from Asia to Africa and some places in between... I am a Spanish and French teacher at an RC middle/high school. I am fond of learning and teaching languages and speak/understand a couple more than I use regularly.
Fr. Weedon,I enjoy reading your blog entries and often have found them to be helpful in my growth toward Lutheranism.Also the comments of others have helped to sharpen my thoughts.
My religious background is varied: raised Roman Catholic by a nominal Roman Catholic father and a nominl Methodist mother, I made a switch to a more Evangelical/non-denominational stream in my late teens/early 20's. In my late 20's,while studying more about Church history, I inquired into Calvinism, read up on the Emergent movement, and considered a reversion to Roman Catholicism, but settled into Lutheranism. In retrospect. I figured I had been a crypto-Lutheran from the age of about 10 when I was first introduced to the Reformation in my European history class.
I enjoy finding out more about Church history and theology in particular about Lutheranism, Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism and , more recently , the Eastern Orthodox. I have a keen interest in liturgical studies and the life of those in the Church Triumphant. Also, I am try to be relevant Christian without the problems without falling into the traps of "being relevant".
My exposure to Lutheranism happened almost exclusivley via the Web and books.In the old days one would more likely have been exposed to any particular denomination by a missionary, but in more modern times cases like mine are possible. I attend an Anglican Church and at times attend a Mass of the Roman communion. The nearest confessional Lutheran congregation (WELS, I believe) is miles to the south on the island of St.Lucia.
I am due to return to the US for graduate studies in a couple of years -- God-willing-- and look forward to being received into a confessional Lutheran body. Until then, I am to patiently wait and rejoice in what God offers and teaches me in the meantime. :-)


William Weedon said...

Wow, you guys, it is so cool to meet you all. It's great to hear your various stories. And Omar, I sure hope if you come here to the States you look us up. Meanwhile I will try to squelch my envy of you for living right there in paradise. ;) I LOVE the Carribean. Cindi and I honeymooned on St. Thomas many, many moons ago. Such beauty!

Unknown said...

Fr. Weedon,

LOL. Green is such a terrible color on people... envy may well give it to you :-)
St. Thomas. Hmmm... my grandpa was born there and the island is a stone's throw away from where I am. Never been there, though.
When returning to the US for grad studies I will likely be in MO or in IL, so looking you up should not be such a stretch.


J.G.F. said...

John Fleischmann here, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, East Moriches, Longylund, NY. I've served here for 17 years, and was in another parish in Patchogue, NY for 5 before that. Our claim to fame is that TWA Flight 800 crashed by our shore in 1996.

A lot of Midwesterners think that Long Island is nothing but a sea of concrete. But my parish is actually located in a semi-rural area complete with farms, rolling hills, real cows and horses, corn etc.. The nice thing, though, is that the ocean is only 5 minutes away. So we really have it all!

I'm located in Eastern Suffolk County. There is only one LCMS Church between England and me!

I've known Pastor Weedon for.... ahem.... 28 years (can you believe that, Bill???) going all the way back to Concordia B'ville days.

I hope to see ya soon!


William Weedon said...

Yikes, John. Are we THAT old? I guess we are! I still remember the thanksgiving up at your apartment our first year in St. Louis! What a hoot.

John neglected to mention that in addition to being a pastor, he is an EMT and an outstanding musician (composer and hymn writer). He's another one of those CATHOLIC Lutherans. In other words, we love him!

J.G.F. said...

Guilty, as charged!