18 September 2007


...the dear son calls home tonight and begins his conversation with his mother (imitating Borat): "I am retard." We knew it would be interesting.

Seems he left his keys IN the store before the store closed, and now the store was completely closed, everyone gone, and David left in the parking lot with his car. How this could happen I haven't yet heard.

So DAD trucks down to Edwardsville (having to get gas before he can make the trip) and drops off a spare set of keys to our dear David.

He SOOOOOOOOO much is going to scratch my back before he even thinks of going to bed. Oh, yeah. The dingbat. He's been talking on the phone since he got home, so I still don't have the story of HOW it could happen. Sigh.


Ezekiel said...


Did he scratch your back?

You bring back memories of yore ... only my David had a penchant for WRECKING cars for awhile ....


Doorman-Priest said...

I am just deeply reassured that other people have children who do mad things.

Still, it could be worse: you might have to deal with 28 of the little poppets belonging to other people. Who'd be a teacher?

Ref: "Kids - who'd have 'em" on my blog.


D.P.(1.34pm GMT)

Anonymous said...

he be dingy

William Weedon said...


I DID get my backscratch. "Very nice" as Borat would say.


Oh, I have my fair share of poppets too. Remember I teach 5-8th grade each Monday and every other Tuesday. But I dare say that our midwestern parish children are a FAR cry from what you are called to deal with! Our kids are simply super. Love 'em all.


He do indeed be dingy!