22 September 2007

Second Old Lutheran Quote for the Day

The Word is not the Word of God, because the Church says it, but the fact that the Word of God is preached constitutes the Church. The Word is not created by the Church, but the Church is created by the Word. -- Blessed Martin Luther, *On the Misuse of the Mass* 1521.


Anonymous said...

I assume the first "Word" is meant to be "word". And if that is the case may I echo your sentiment with, "Scripture is the word of God that bears witness to God's Word. The one Word therefore makes its appearance as though dividing into a word that testifies and into a Word to whom testimony is given" (von Balthasar). Hence, the Word of God and the word of God are not synonymous.

William Weedon said...


You make me want to read Balthasar! I confess to being an ignoramous about him. Travis Stolz read him much, I believe, and frequently quoted him. What do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

I think his "Explorations in Theology; I: The Word Made Flesh" or "Prayer" are excellent ways to get into von Balthasar's Incarnational and Christological theology. Those would be my recommendations (but I am no expert).


Anonymous said...

Hence, the Word of God and the word of God are not synonymous.


For Catholics there is only one Word -- the Eternal Word, Jesus Christ to whom the word of Scripture testifies.