18 September 2007

Interesting Article

Any regular readers know I'm an Atkins fan - as is my dear wife, Cindi. Here's an interesting article about German experiments with high fat/low carb eating for, of all things, cancer patients:

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Mimi said...

My mom, who has battled cancer twice (and so far, beat it, thanks be to God) does well on a low carb diet.

I happen to think that different diets work for different people. I'm a happy vegetarian who would be very unhappy on a low carb diet.

William Weedon said...

Glad to hear it works well for your mom, Mimi!

You know, believe it or not, I'd rather be a vegeterian than a meat-eater anyday. BUT I found that I gained weight with high-carb eating (even with using only whole grains and such) and so I eat meat. :( But the perfect breakfast in my opinion is one of Laurel's muffins with some "better-butter" spread on it and a nice cup of coffee.