22 September 2007

More Than We Either Desire or Deserve...

Busy weekend at St. Paul's!


Craig and Maggie's wedding - 4 p.m.
Divine Service - 6 p.m.


Divine Service - 7:45 (with MELHS' choir)
Breakfast for Metro East Lutheran High School's Choir - 9:00
Divine Service - 10:00 (with MELHS' choir)
Baptism of Emma and Cooper - after 10:00 liturgy
Open House for Irma's 80th birthday - 2-4
Catechism Service - 5 p.m.
First Chief Parts Party - Celebrating the 10 Commandments! 6:15 p.m.

What a lot of joy to fit into a single weekend! The Lord's gifts abound, and to Him be the glory forever!

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