07 September 2007

Ya know...

...this boy is not a clothes horse. I mean, when you get to wear basic black day in and day out, you end up not thinking much about clothes at all. I have exactly one pair of blue jeans in my closet, and a whole pile of black shirts (and, rest easy, I haven't worn the jeans with the clericals since the 1980's!). Consequently, when I need to replace something it's usually been years. In particular, I wear shoes till they have holes in them, and I really don't give a rip about how bad they look. My feet are aparently totally insensitive - they never hurt. So today Cindi and I go out to do a little clothes shopping - and shoes are what I'm after. Brown and black. I cannot believe that a pair of shoes costs so much. Good grief! Well, I now have a new pair of black (an Italian loafer - my favorite) and a new pair of brown (an American loafer - my favorite). You can tell I'm really into variety and style! But I am $110 poorer - AND they were "on sale" (whatever that means!). GRRR. I'm still thinking that $25 is a LOT to spend on shoes, but no merchant seems to agree with me. Oh, and where are all those nice people who used to check the shoe to make sure it was really your fit, have you walk around, show you different stuff? I mean, we used to pay $25 AND have service. Those were the days...


Anonymous said...

Now, when I bought the current pair of Red Wing work shoes (boots finally wore out), they cost more than what your two pair cost together!

But, you are right. No one to really wait on you or serve you.

Big difference: many moons ago, I SOLD shoes in a shoe store, so I know how to work the gizmos. In fact, one time years ago, I had to show the "salesperson" how to use them!

The times we live in ....


William Weedon said...

Yikes, Zeke! Well, let's hope all THREE pairs of shoes last for many years.

Your new year is about to begin, isn't it? May your observance of Day of the Holy Theotokos' birth bring you great joy - "Oh, light before the Dawn!"

Anonymous said...

It began 1 September.

BTW, these Red Wing shoes are something else. After all the years wearing boots, I'm in these. And a hold bunch of calcified stuff went away! Feet are soft, smooth, and so comfortable when walking on concrete floor all day!



Anonymous said...

And who needs iTunes when 8 tracks work perfectly well... Think of it as upgrading to iLoafer 7.2!



Past Elder said...

Well, in my 30s I was informed that I dressed like "a priest on his day off" and taken to a clothing store to learn to dress like a young(er) man.

After I was married, my wife started getting me tropical style shirts for Summer. Being an honourary Puerto Rican, the transition was easy! She's been gone almost ten years, I have a tropical shirt on now!

As to shoes, I still wear the basic black work dress style I got into when in retail some years ago. Not exactly your Italian styling, but not work boots either.

Doorman-Priest said...

I have just done a count: I have 12 pairs of footware - converse, Doc Martens, sandals - 3 pairs - (NEVER with socks), loafers, formal shoes etc. William, you make me feel like Imelda Marcos!

Could you give me some feedback on:


William Weedon said...

Dear Doorman,

Now 12 pairs does leave you a wee bit shy of Imelda. And I didn't mean to imply that I had only the two pairs. I can give your twelve a run for their money:

Cowboy boots
Snow boots
Old Dockers (falling to pieces and still my favorites)
New Black
New Brown
Old Black

So that's at least 1/2 way to your collection!