27 September 2007


It's not even 8:30 and everything I wanted to get done today was finished. Yeah! Well, almost everything.

Today was a huge variety: It started early with the Augsburg Confession Study with the Men (6:15 over breakfast - Article IV and some fascinating discussion); then Matins, BOC Reading and a tad of Blogging; Chapel at Daycare where I spoke about the Baptism of Jesus and taught the little tots to sing in Greek: Kyrie Eleison! (LSB 944); Last minute stuff for bulletin - thanks be to God for Joanie!; Shutin communions and visits (Wilma, Ella, Fred, Alfred and Frieda); Vepers; Divine Service; Sermon and Bible Class preparation for this coming Sunday; Preparation of Bulletins for next week - next week's Catechism service is hot off the press and waiting for Joanie to work on.

So tomorrow, as of this moment, is wide open - Deo gratias! - and my beloved bride and myself will escape for a bit and eat out. And I'll just BET you, we'll end up going to Walmart shopping. Sigh. It seems that never a Friday goes by that we don't end up in that store. Hopefully tomorrow will wind up with a game of liverpool - and this time it's MY turn to win!!!

Saturday will require a bit of work on both piano (in prep for pastoral conference) and on the puter (also in prep for the pastoral conference). Looking forward to the conference if for nothing else than getting away for a few days and praying the daily offices and visiting with friends.


Doorman-Priest said...


William Weedon said...

A liverpool! A delightful rummy-based game of seven hands that takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to play. Doesn't matter how many people play, so at the same table at times we have six or more folks playing. Each hand has a different object required before laying down:

First hand: two sets of three of a kind
Second hand: one set of three of a kind and a run of four
Third hand: two runs of four
Fourth hand: three sets of three of a kind
Fifth hand: two sets of three, one run of four
Sixth hand: two runs of four, one set of three
Seventh hand: three runs of four or more - but here's the killer - no discards: all the cards in your hand must play, including the one you just drew. Whew!

We usually use three decks or so. You get to "buy" cards - if the person whose turn it is does not want the card discarded, the person to their left has first dibs, etc. all around the table - and picking up the discard when it is not your turn, you also have to pick up the top face down card also.

Anway, a hoot of a game! *Almost* as fun as pinochle!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a game we play in my family called "Crazy Rummy" -- something my Tim is a whiz at. Dueces and jokers are wild and any cards left after you turn over can be played on someone else's as long as applicable to the run or book. How do you score? Ours = cards below 8 = 5 pts; 8-king = 10, aces = 15, and ALL wild cards = 20. Person with the lowest score at the end of 7 hands is the winner.

William Weedon said...

Yup! Same game, except we don't do the deuces as wild (unless the little kids are playing).

William Weedon said...

Oops. Didn't read carefully enough. Our scoring is the same EXCEPT:

Aces = 20
Jokers = 50