19 September 2007

Reporting on a Fun Moment

So, there we sat, waiting for the ringing of the bell. Then we'd exit the sacristy and the marriage liturgy would begin. But as we're waiting, one of the groomsmen looks out the window and his gaze is captivated. A young lady is walking to the church. He turns around and says: "There's a hot chick out there." I look and then respond with as much gravitas as I can muster: "That 'hot chick' happens to be my daughter. And she's not 18 yet. Hands off." It was a JOY to watch the young man turn all shades of red and then to keep making him turn red by giving him the evil eye off and on during the evening. Such fun shouldn't be allowed a pastor!


Ezekiel said...


I remember a day many moons ago when someone else asked regarding the young lady sitting in chapel (didn't use "hot chick," though!:) )

They are pretty neat, though.


William Weedon said...

Reminded me very much of that day, it did!

Say, I cannot get your blog to come up at all. Give me the address again, please.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. I will probably need that particular tactic in about seven and a half years.

Unknown said...

You should have used the "Bill Engvall" story with the kid. Pull him in close with your arm around him and say, "If you have any thoughts about kissing, hugging or anything else, I have no problem going 'Back to Prison'"!!!

It would definitely have made an impression!!!