12 September 2007

Patristic Quote for the Day

Who will cure my soul if not Thou, O Christ, the only Physician of souls! Where will I find a remedy for the diseases of my soul, if not with Thee, O fountain of healing! Thou who didst cure the ailing women, cure also my soul from the ruin of sin. -- St. Ephrem the Syrian, *A Spiritual Psalter* #74

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Mr. & Mrs. Traylor said...

Yep...He has given us our body and soul and still preserves them, He protects us from all danger and guards us and preserves us from all evi. This is most certainly true.
I think the word " preserves " is well chosen. Jesus tells us that everyone of us has been salted with fire, "Salt is good," He says, " Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another. " Mark 9:48-50 Could be that I just remember watching my mother-in-law preserve her green beans for winter by adding a measure of salt to each jar before she sealed it. Could be just one of those little object lessons that I've learned from but it serves to remind me of our Lord Jesus, the Christ, coming down from heaven to be our soul ( only ) preservation. In His salt we are keep alive and in existance for eternaty , safe from harm and injury, He has spared us, maintains us and prepares us for the future.