09 September 2007

Way Cool

This afternoon at 5 p.m. some 30 folks gathered at St. Paul's for our first Catechism Service. It was a pleasant blend of adults and youngsters and the interaction was lively. We sang, read Scripture, recited the Catechism, had quite a conversation on the Scripture and Catechism, and prayed together. We learned that the faith that trust in self damns and the faith that trusts in God is what saves - AND that such faith comes to us only from hearing the Word of God.

I confess to being a tad apprehensive going into the experience (despite all the good stuff I'd heard from others who had integrated generations for teaching the Catechism), but I think it worked super well. We even did a decent job on all the new music for the service - I figured it would take us several weeks to get real participation on that, but it happened right off the bat. If all the Services go as smoothly as tonight, it's going to be a great and fun year!


Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

Pr. Patrick and I have had some good conversations about this approach. What would be INCREDIBLY helpful to us is if you could get Bob or Darcy to make a DVD of a catechetical service and send it our way.

Whatcha think?

William Weedon said...

We are recording the series so that those who missed any can make them up. Just email Candy for a copy - do you have her email still?

Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

I do! Thanks!

Rev. Jim Roemke said...

Pr. Weedon,
I too have started catechetical services with great encouragement. I have started it as a supplement to the Adult and child confirmation classes. It was a lot of fun and I think the kids especially liked it as I encouraged them to ask questions and explore Holy Scripture and the Catechism. I have been using the great series, Fusion, from CPH in addition to the Small Cateshism. It works out really well to look at how water is used throughout Scripture in connection with the teaching of Holy Baptism. There are some other categories that may not always work the greatest, but its a nice help to get people into the continuity of Scripture on our cheif parts.
The Lord be with you,
Pr. Jim