11 September 2007

"Teaching them to observe all things..."

School year is back full blast, and the variety of subjects I get to teach is both a challenge and delight.

Sunday mornings, we continue ploughing through Isaiah. Late Sunday afternoon, I teach Lutheran Catechesis (using Pastor Peter Bender's excellent outline). I also teach Lutheran Catechesis on Monday mornings in two sessions in Trinity-St. Paul Lutheran School: the first to the 5-6 grade; the second to the 7-8 grade. Then on Tuesdays every other week, I teach Old Testament Catechesis to the same configuration: 5-6 and then 7-8. On Wednesday evenings I am also teaching Old Testament Catechesis in the parish. Then on Thursday a.m. we have an early morning men's study group that meets at the local greasy spoon - and we have just begun a romp through the Augsburg Confession.

"Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly" exhorted the Apostle Paul, and thanks be to God, we have the opportunity to let that happen. God has gifts to give His people, and may He grant us open ears and hearts to receive them!

From the Responsory: Teach me Your ways, O Lord, that I may walk in Your truth!


Randy Asburry said...

Pr. Weedon,

You are indeed living out our Lord's command to disciple by baptizing and teaching! Thanks for providing a good example of what F. Dale Brunner calls the "school word" of "making disciples." Here's a great gem from his commentary on Matthew, specifically Matt. 28:19:

"'Disciple'.... Interestingly, the usual missionary terms are not employed here: 'preach,' 'convert,' 'win,' etc. A slower, lower-profile verb is used, an almost scholastic, schoolish word, 'disciple.' To disciple means 'to make students of,' 'bring to school,' 'educate'.... The word pictures students sitting around a teacher more than it does penitents kneeling at an altar--an educational process more than an evangelistic crisis, a school more than a revival. The word's prosaic character relaxes and says in effect, 'Work with people over a period of time in the educative process of teaching Jesus.' Only the Cosmocrator can do the big things like convert, win, bring repentance, or move a person to decision [!]--all authority is his alone. But disciples can, must, and will do the little thing of 'discipling' others--that is, they will spend good time with people--in the confidence that sooner or later the Cosmocrator will create in these people the decision for baptism (or, in Christianized cultures, the decision to own baptism) and so to follow Jesus" (Matthew, Volume 2, p. 1096-97).

Mr. & Mrs. Traylor said...

Indeed God has given you life and given you life ubundantly. Wow !

This surely is an opportunity to thank and praise our Lord for opening His windows of heaven and pouring you out blessings beyond measure upon your students at home, at church and at school.

"Thank you God for this man, who is indeed letting Your light so shine through him that we
can see his good works and praise You today.In the Holy Name of Jesus. Let It Be So."

It could have just slipped your mind but always remember to include your wife and children to your list, I'm sure they're your disciples also. It's very appropriate that you include your family on your Christian Education schedule.

I wish I would have been a better wife and mother when my children were little. It's too late to go back and change things now. This is my infirmity.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon

Thank you for your precise wording with regard to your catechumen.

It is refreshing to see that confimration students are just students, regardless of whether they attend one type of school or another. You are obviously a wonder pastor and intructor....

William Weedon said...

Cool words, Randy! I read your blog on that this a.m. too. Very good thoughts about what is truly "missional." Reminded me of the way Luther translated "do the work of an evangelist" as "do the work of a Gospel preacher."

Dear Traylors, teaching the faith is a hoot! I love it - and I'd rather teach than preach any day. My poor family I suspect would tell you that having to listen to me ramble on is an education in its own right. ;)

Dear Captain, I can assure you that I am no wonder pastor or instructor. LOL. Just excited about the opportunities God gives us to explore and grow in and live by His Words!

Rev. Paul Beisel said...

It's a blessing that you have a flock who is hungry for the Word of God and is willing to let you teach them. In my case, I have a strong desire to do what you do, but few (if any) willing ears to hear it.