21 September 2007

Speaking of Expate Lutheran Bloggers

another you might wish to explore is Bryce Wandrey's:


Bryce was a Lutheran pastor in NC for a number of years and recently resigned his call.


Rev. Paul T. McCain said...
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Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Leaving Lutheranism for Anglicanism truly baffles me.

I suspect Anglophilia is the cause.

Past Elder said...

Leaving anything for Anglicanism baffles me -- and I'm English by descent!

It may be Anglophilia. It may be too what I used to think of Lutheranism, a way to be Catholic without being Catholic, which may also apply to those who head East.

How ironic then, given that "Lutheranism" IS catholic and orthodox (as distinct from Catholic and Orthodox).

Ironic further, in that if I am not mistaken the title Defensor Fidei of the English monarch whose state church the mother Church of England is and which I think still appears as DF on the coins of the realm (or at least did earlier in my lifetime) got the title from the Pope for his (largely ghost written as I recall) defence of the Church against Luther's writings!

Anonymous said...

Paul, It is unfortunate that you said "suspect" Anglophilia instead of "assume" Anglophilia. Considering the content of your comment, "assume" would have been far more appropriate.