27 March 2008


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Rob Olson said...

There is an article by Mollie in today's WSJ:

Here is an idea:

Lay supporters of Issues, Etc. can use this article by asking for our pastors to discuss it in Sunday School or Bible class. Here is a sample e-mail:

Pastor, here is an article in today's Wall Street Journal about the Missouri Synod:


Dear Pastor:

May I please make copies of the following article in today's Wall Street Journal and make them available on a table in the fellowship hall? You could then let the folks in Bible class know that they are available.


1. This is an example of very good journalism about a very important issue in our church body. It affects the people of our church, even if they are unaware. It is succinct, apposite to where we are in our relation to the Synod, articulate, and well written.

2. Could we not read this together in Bible Class and discuss it? There are many important theological issues the article raises.

3. This gives you a rare opportunity to educate our congregation by using a leading national paper. Opportunities like this won't come very often, and our church needs to be educated.

Please let me know as soon as possible, so I can make copies!