28 March 2008

First Things

A reflective post:



Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon, you and your fellow bloggers are needed on Rod Dreher's "Crunchy Con" site. Rod is posting very favorably about Issues, Etc. and some very uninformed comments are being made by folks who really don't seem to understand the LCMS.

I've posted a couple of response to them myself.

If you are so inclined, please hop over and visit Rod's site.

Clint Hoff & Family said...

Unfortunately Mr. Sacramone's views on the book of Genesis, and classic Christian teaching on the origins of the Universe, mollify his argument and support for confessional Lutheranism.

Anonymous said...

Hoffster is right. Other than that, it was excellent.
Well, maybe the comment about "not fundamentalists" is wrong too, since properly understood fundamentalism (not the caricature)is what is common to all Christian belief.

Past Elder said...

The WSJ article to which the First Things post links is excellent!