18 March 2008

Pastor Lehmann

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has contacted the sT. Louis Post-Dispatch about this mess?

Rev. Charles Lehmann said...

I just can't understand how these decisions can be made in the church with utter disregard for the families involved.

Anonymous said...

All this hand-wring is fine and good, but now is the time for action.

For too many years confessional pastors have played this little game of, "Oh,things are so bad" and then sat back, checked out of decision making processes, isolated themselves to their little groups and blogs and mailing lists and e-mail clubs and mutually bewailed Synod's woes.

Now is the time for ACTION. Deeds, not merely creeds.

Our Synod has a process by which we can, and must,remove the elected leadership that is doing us all such a tremendous disservice and instead put men into office who will support, not harm, the cause of the Gospel in our Synod.

This incident should help underscore our vital it is to make a change in Synodical leadership.

It is time for a change!
Time to get busy.
Time to get 'er done!!

Anonymous said...

I recently learned that someone DID contact the Post Dispatch and that the paper is looking into it.