24 March 2008

Oh, and Folks!

Don't forget those letters to the editor for the Reporter AND the Lutheran Witness. Just write to tell them how much you were blessed by Issues, Etc. and how you want to see it restored or a cogent reason given for silencing this voice of the Gospel.


Unknown said...

Pastor Weedon,

Have you noticed that the last two issues of Lutheran Witness had NO letters to the editor? It looks as if this has stopped. I do not receive the Reporter but I believe? that could be the case there as well.

Sad indeed.

We are praying for the families involved, for the leaders of synod, for our Synod. God bless!

Anonymous said...

The last two Lutheran Witnesses were the free issues that the Synod sent out to everyone on their mailing list. That might be why there are no letters to the editor. They probably don't want the recipients who aren't regular subscribers to see any complaints.

Now I'm wondering why I have to pay for a full subscription when two entire issues are free ...