19 March 2008

Moratorium for Maundy Thursday through Easter

Let's not forget our brothers, Pr. Wilken and Jeff, but let us join them tomorrow morning in entering into the great Three Days. Our attention tomorrow needs to turn from this fiasco to another moment that looked like a fiasco and ended up being the salvation of the whole world. Feel free to comment on the Issues threads, if you think you have to, but come tomorrow until Easter Monday *I* will not be commenting further upon the matter (though I will delete "over the top" posts if I think it called for; have already done so and will do so again if need be). After the great joy of Pascha has refreshed our hearts and soothed our souls, we'll be ready to take up the task, renewed and without sinful passion. We can then pick up the conversation on scheduling a protest and other ways we can communicate to Synod that we want this valuable resource for our Christian walk restored.


Unknown said...

I agree Pastor Weedon. The Good News of the Easter Tridium is what gives us hope when the world seems its darkest.

Anonymous said...

And here I was going to draw my sword and cut off the servants ear.

Thanks again. You are the best Snoopy


Past Elder said...

Moratorium? That's just what they're counting on. From military strategists to extra military specops to playground bullies, striking when you know they won't fight back is classic.

The utter coldness of their move betrays they knew exactly that to do it at this time would be when confessional pastors, who might be leaders of resistance, are at one of if not the busiest time of the year and least likely to resist due to both the real demands of the season and a piety that would find it inappropriate.

Instead of a moratorium I'd suggest additions to every sermon to the greater seasonal crowds about the realness of Judases in the church to-day, how the great numbers Jesus drew when he was mistaken for a Messiah after our ideas dwindled to a handful when he turned out to be a Messiah after God's idea, things of that nature.

They silence us, then we silence ourselves, right on cue.

These guys are serious people and they're playing for keeps. They'll get it about money, numbers and real estate, which means, if it comes to it, withdrawing financial support, withdrawing membership, and withdrawing parishes.

As they say, the right to dissent and protest was won not by a dissenter or protester but a soldier.

So as not to be mistaken for an anonymous,

Terry Maher, Omaha NE.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I do believe they planned this at this time, to slip in a "new show", before anyone speaks up.

I am going to observe Maundy Thursday/Good Friday/Easter now, but won't forget this after!

Benjamin Ulledalen said...

An excellent suggestion, Father Weedon. I think I will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Mark of Brighton:

I agree with Pastor Weedon. I had not understood entirely what is going on in the denomination. Apparently there is a split between those who adhere to a sacramental, liturgical, confessional, creedal view and those who adhere to a church growth philosophy.

The adherents of The Church growth philosophy have apparently captured the denominational purse and the denominational bureaucracy. There is an old saying: "he who pays the piper calls the tune". Apparently, this program, ABLAZE, is used to give money to churches. Money affects how people think. here in St. Louis, they held an event to raise money for a catholic hospital. They invited proabortion singers to the event. Money affected how people thought.

Secondly, people think that arguments are static. They are not. People think that they can adopt an argument that allows for women pastors but that same argument will not be used to allow homosexual pastors. I have included two quotes from Luther who point out that the same argument used to reject the 'Real Presence' will subsequently be used to reject other doctrines.

What to do? Continue to support Pastor Todd and Jeff and their families. Try to remain charitable (those who work at KFUO are in a difficult position - they have seen first hand that opposition will not be tolerated). Remain faithful, celebrate who God is and what He has done in Christ this week. Attend services that God may give His gifts to us through the liturgy; that may bestow on us His forgiveness through the words of the Pastor; that we may hear His word; that we may be fed through the Lord's Supper.

But it really does seem to me that the denomination has to be recaptured. As I understand this, we have two years to try and organize. Select a candidate who is sacramental, liturgical, confessional and creedal and personable. Issues, etc., types could greatly aid in this process. Find out how this process works; find out what your Pastors think, where they stand; get behind a candidate before the convention.

"As early as 1527, Luther sensed that the Reformed denial of the real presence portended a full-blown rejection of all the other articles of faith, so that the overall state of today's Reformed Protestantism is but the inevitable end product of Zwingli's naïve rationalism." Stephenson, John R. Eschatology. Fort Wayne, IN: The Luther Academy. 1993 Pp. xiii, 149 p.8

"But he will keep on and attack still other articles of faith, as he already declares with flashing eyes that baptism, original sin and Christ are nothing." (AE37:16 [That These Words of Christ, 'This is My Body' Etc., Still Stand Firm Against Fanatics, 1527]; WA 23:69.28-30) Quoted in: Stephenson, John R. Eschatology. Fort Wayne, IN: The Luther Academy. 1993 Pp. xiii, 149 p.8

Rev. Paul Beisel said...

Mark--very insightful thoughts.

Weedon--great idea. We all need to focus on the task at hand this weekend. Blessings on your Pascha.


Gomanson said...

I guess I've all ready messed it up by posting this on Thursday night, but this is my last post until Monday. We let Satan win if we allow this situation to distract us from services and meditation this weekend. But we must also pray to God for the resolve to pick up the fight again after the holy feast. There will be no better way to spend the Easter season than to work to restore the Gospel-spreading tool we had in Issues, Etc.
-Good night and God bless.
Ross from MN