26 March 2008

About Issues Archives

There is lots of talk online about the archives being gone again - and they apparently are BUT I called the station and they said this:

We are busy trying to compress all the files - the station servers are being bombarded with download requests and are overwhelmed with the requests - SO they are working as fast as possible to compress files so they are easier and quicker to download. NO FOUL PLAY involved. The process to compress one year of files is 6hrs and so they are doing a year a day. Estimated time for all files to be back up is Monday.


Anonymous said...

If KFUO is doing this, then put this info on the website.

The continuing lack of transparency is absolutely amazing. The lack of transparency by KFUO, BOCS, and Office of President has destroyed any trust that many have had in these organizations.

Anonymous said...


Well put...

Wait...in the distance...I hear a sound.

What is it?

Hey, its Pete Townsend of the Who.

What is he singing?


Anonymous said...


I got an email from Chuck Rathert and I was told the same thing about the compression of all the files into a new format or some such thing and that's part of the deal with the servers.

So at least we're getting some feedback now.

Anonymous said...

This kind of file can only be further compressed by reducing the audio quality. I hope they are keeping the originals around. This does not sound good.

M. Whitener