21 March 2008

Calvary and the Altar

At the Altar is the cresset where we get our fire of the Calvary love. How this love is needed! We have lost much of it. We have to invent all kinds of methods to attract people. We must advertise, we must entertain. Why? Because the Church has lost its way to the Altar it has also lost its way into the heart of the world. For the pure love of Calvary alone can save the world. It is that love for which this world is aching. But we must first recapture it ourselves.

Let us find the reality of Calvary, of love, by way of the Altar. There we can touch again the wounds of Christ; and by touching the wounds of Christ, we shall touch the wounds of the world.

--Von Schenk, *The Presence* pp. 91,92


Unknown said...

I am silent... and I ponder.

Thanks for a most illuminating quote.

Randy Asburry said...

That's a great quote indeed! Be sure to check out another one over on my blog. (Sorry for the shameless plug...not really. ;-)