22 March 2008

Tired and Joyful

Vigil has concluded. We welcomed 11 people into communicate membership tonight, bringing our total new communicants for the week to 19. What overflowing joy! Tonight we were renewed in our baptism and sang to the Risen One who reigns among us in His Eucharist. Special thanks to Pr. Rethwisch (of Holy Cross, Wartburg IL), John Klinger and Dean Herberts for assisting in the liturgy. And to the Bells of St. Paul for gracing our service with some fabulous bell music! Now it's bed time and tomorrow at 4:30 comes mighty early - that's when stoves have to be lighted for the Easter breakfast. So let me say it to all the blog readers:

Xristos anesti! Alithos anesti!

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

"Our joy that has no end..."


WM Cwirla said...

Hristos voskres!
Voistinu voskres!

WM Cwirla said...

Христос воскрес!
Воістину воскрес!

(much better!)

Anonymous said...

My daughter Katelyn was one of those welcomed into communicant membership this night.. and the joy that I felt!

The only things coming close to that joy was her birth and her baptism!

To commune with her as a family and receive the gift of life in our Lord's Holy Body and Blood was an emotional and joy filled moment.

Matt Bowers