27 March 2008

Old Lutheran Quote of the Day

The miracle of the Christian Church is based on the miracle of the Resurrection. Christ rose from the grave, triumphant over death. We, too, shall rise; we, too, shall triumph in our faith. The forces of materialism seem to triumph for a time. The Roman empire seemed invincible. It controlled the earth. It stretched out its hands, greedy, grasping, tyrannical, to possess the earth. It aimed at domination, power, glory, money, luxury. But it could not last. It tried to possess the earth and lost it. But on that Good Friday there hung One on the Cross; disfigured, shamed, spat upon; and from that throne He built a Kingdom that can never die. It cannot die, for it was built on love, eternal love, which triumphed that Easter Morn. - Von Schenk, *The Presence* p. 103

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