18 March 2008

Remembering the 8th Commandment

It's hard to remember to practice the 8th commandment when you're upset, but we need to. We have certain facts about the cancellation of Issues, Etc. and the termination of Pastor Wilken and Jeff Schwarz, but what we do not know is WHO ultimately ordered this or WHY. Rather than engage in the idle speculation that ends up hurting reputations, we should continue to ask and to seek the information, and seek to learn the truth - whatever it may be. In the meantime, let's keep the Schwarz family and the Wilken family in our prayers and continually commend this matter to Him who judges justly and keep asking that HIS will be done in this situation and NOT the will of the devil, the world, or our flesh.


Anonymous said...

My condolences to members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. I've always regarded Missouri as a sort of beacon of truth for the rest of us within the Lutheran community and I am saddened to hear of this blatant exercise of arbitrary power,

Norman Teigen
ELS layman

Anonymous said...

8th Commandment yes...

But what about the very real 7th commandment issues in this decision?

Rev. Joshua Hayes said...

Does this mean that Wilken is under "church discipline"? Did he have a call to KFUO? I'm confused about how this works.

Past Elder said...

Not to mention the 3rd and the 5th.

Anyone read the Epistle for this day, Jeremiah 11:18-20?

Anonymous said...

Well said Rev. Weedon. Let us remember also that a certain someone was killed and was resurrected, let us hope that this show will also be resurrected to continue serving its resurrected Lord.

Anonymous said...

All this hand-wring is fine and good, but now is the time for action.

For too many years confessional pastors have played this little game of, "Oh,things are so bad" and then sat back, checked out of decision making processes, isolated themselves to their little groups and blogs and mailing lists and e-mail clubs and mutually bewailed Synod's woes.

Now is the time for ACTION. Deeds, not merely creeds.

Our Synod has a process by which we can, and must,remove the elected leadership that is doing us all such a tremendous disservice and instead put men into office who will support, not harm, the cause of the Gospel in our Synod.

This incident should help underscore our vital it is to make a change in Synodical leadership.

It is time for a change!
Time to get busy.
Time to get 'er done!!