19 March 2008

Divine Service and Confirmation at St. Paul's - Palmarum


Fr John W Fenton said...

If I'm seeing the video capture properly, it appears that St Paul's has a female altar server. That's not necessarily a criticism, since I know that Lutheranism has/permits female servers. I'm just a little surprised because I didn't think that would be the case in St Paul's context.

Elephantschild said...

Commend the mothers of your female confirmands for the lovely but tasteful white dresses the girls are wearing.

I've seen some doozies of dreadful attire at confirmations I've attended in the past - such that could been seen thru the robes the youth were wearing. Sigh.

William Weedon said...

Well, we just call them crucifer and torch-bearers, not altar servers (because they never serve at the altar) and we've had both boys and girls doing this since the parish starting having acolytes, back before I came to St. Paul's.