25 March 2008

Another Blog to Read

Petersen on Issues

Pr. Petersen's words are always worth pondering. He has obviously given long thought to how to address the matter.


Michael Paul 白霈德牧師 said...

Thanks for the link, Pastor Weedon, and for your service of providing here a very useful "one-stop" for Issues issues.

Rob Olson said...

I agree, pastor. Thank you. Your parishioners are blessed. But now I am wondering why some pastors are not speaking out about Jeff and Todd like you are. As you know, these are good men, and what has happened to them is just plain wrong. Other pastors should stand with their brothers in Christ who are taking on the chin for the gospel of Christ!

To your readers, I would like to ask them if their pastors have signed the Issues, Etc. petition. If not, please encourage him to do so. If he is reluctant or refuses to sign the petition, then ask him why. You might learn something about where he stands theologically.



Rob Olson
Zion Lutheran Church
Marshall, MI