27 March 2008

Easter Hymn

Blessed Martin Luther once said that no one could ever get tired of singing this hymn; I have members who disagree with him (fancy that!), but *I* think he was right. The more I sing it, the more I love it; the more I love it, the more I want to sing it.

Christ is arisen
From the grave's dark prison.
So let our joy rise full and free;
Christ our comfort true will be.

Were Christ not arisen,
Then death were still our prison.
Now, with Him to life restored,
We praise the Father of our Lord.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
Now let our joy rise full and free;
Christ our comfort true will be.
Alleluia. (LSB 459)


Rev. Larry Beane said...

Any idea why the words were changed in LSB? I sang the LW (No. 10) version so many times it is burned into my head. I'm totally lost now. We use this hymn as a Gospel procession, and I can't sing it without the hymnal. Grrr!

Also, any idea why the Victimae Paschali has only the words (and not the music) in LSB (No 460)? LW 10 had both words and music of the whole hymn (LSB 459 and 460) on two pages. LSB has a heckuva lot of whote space that could have given us the music.

My organist pointed out that LW actually changed the words from TLH. For the life of me, I can't figure out why LSB has a *third* version - unless the previous translations were off. Then again, we retained the NIV catechism rather than go for a superior translation - and that was for the catechism.

I like the LSB, but sometimes I wonder if the COW had a few groovy "mushroom parties" during parts of their work.

William Weedon said...

Reverend Dean,

I have no idea. Sometimes one can take a guess, but this one leaves me befuddled. Not that the words in LSB are bad, but they are different.

I think not including the music for the Victimae Paschali was just an acknowledgement that it was probably destined for the choir to sing in most churches, and then the music could be printed from the organist's edition?

Anonymous said...

We sang "Christ Is Arisen" for the first time on Easter Sunday. I was enthralled by it and have been haunted by the melody since then.

Do you know of a good recording of this hymn (preferably choir with organ)?

William Weedon said...


Many years ago I listened to a LPD (remember those!) that recorded a Lutheran Easter Service, and this hymn was featured on it. But I've not got a clue if anything more recent is available. Alas, we didn't use it this past Sunday, or if and when I ever get our Easter liturgy up, you could listen in there. Did you search iTunes?

Anonymous said...

There is a version of the choral section (does not include the "congregational" responses as implied in LSB) sung in latin on the album "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" by John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers. Itunes lets you listen to a segment before purchase. Amazon may too.