17 October 2007

Ack! I've been tagged!

Lutheran Lucciola has tagged me for seven true things.  Hers were of personal nature and so I'll follow that lead and leave the deep truths for another day:

1.  Lucy is not only beautiful but a bandit, who will swipe any food left within reach (and she's not opposed to climbing on the table if there's no one to stop her and she can find a chair to give her a leg up).

2.  Cindi recently cut her hair, and it looks smashing.

3.  Lauren and Dean live too far away from both sets of parents.

4.  David Weedon has the gift of making people laugh - and I mean lots.

5.  Rebekah has discovered the joy of tennis - and an aptitude for it as well.

6.  Nothing brightens my day like a talk with my sis.

7.  There is too little music in most people's lives; mine too.

Now, who else to tag?  What about my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and my dear friend Anastasia.  

1 comment:

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Is Cindi your wife?

Many of us women cut our hair this year. I had hair down to my waist, and now I have a short bob. LOVE it!