22 October 2007

Thanks be to God

...for the gift of song, the joy of worship.

...for His body and blood and the forgiveness of all sin.

...for the family of the baptized, united by an unseen bond into the one family of God.

...for the gift of loving and caring.

...for joys shared and sorrows carried together to the throne of grace.

...for animals who teach us so much about kindness and love.

...for opportunities to share the good news.

...for those who hate us and those who love us.

...for bright shining witnesses to God's grace like Fr. Arseny.

...for the joys of friendship.

...for the gift of daily bread.

...for the joys of teaching children.

...for the privilege of administering the means of grace.

...for all things!


Anonymous said...

...for a mic ultra light drinking pastor in Hamel, IL.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

Weedon's a Mic? I didn't know he was Irish!

Well I'll be. (Cough, hack, sneeze...)

Past Elder said...

Hey, I've got an Irish name by adoption, an English name by birth, and a Spanish honorific by assimilation. Not to mention German by acculturation.

And a Cornhusker by the grace of God, though his grace has been sorely missing lately.

And Rome thought it was the big tent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pastor Weedon, for reminding us what it's all about.

A very, very good start to the day.