29 October 2007

A Cover that Says It All

Pastor Asburry sent me this photo of his copy of The Presence that arrived today. Yup. The artist definitely understood what the book was preaching!


Anonymous said...

Can you post the particulars for this book, ie publisher, date, etc for those of us who want to try and find it somewhere

Anonymous said...

the "new" issue of CTQ that arrived in my mailbox yesterday has a book review by Scaer of "Lively Stones", the autobiography of von Schenk, published by ALPB. sounds interesting.

WM Cwirla said...

I want this book.

William Weedon said...


Yes, you do!


A Von Schenk renaissance!


*The Presence: An Approach to the Holy Communion* by Rev. B. von Schenk. Ernst Kaufmann, Inc. New York and Chicago. Copyright 1945.

There is some fellow selling copies from the Bronx - that's what Pastor Asburry picked up - and they were like new! Google is your best friend - happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon,,,,,
Do you have a copy of 'The Little Service Book', aka, My Little Mass Book, by von Schenk for use of the folk at Our Saviour's Church and School,,,,, explains the Liturgy (p.15)and with wonderful polychrome woodcuts as well.
Let me know, and will see if I can find my stash of three and send you one.
Fr. Hank

William Weedon said...

Fr. Hank,

No, I've not seen that. But I do believe that Pastor Asburry got a bonus and maybe it was this very book you are referencing when his copy shipped. Should you find an extra, I'd be ever so grateful!