14 October 2007

Joys Abounding

What joy today!  

Not only all the Gospel gifts of the Lord for His people that we live from, but also the Bells of St. Paul ringing at both early and late and the Children of Trinity-St. Paul singing at late. My favorite part of the whole service was hearing those young voices float down from the choir loft the second stanza of "Lord, Thee I Love."  I had told the older children that that was to be my funeral song and I wanted them to learn it well and sing it for me.  They did a super job!  And I thought the place really shook as we all sang:  "And then from death awaken me..."

Following the late Divine Service there was a Baptism - Tyler Lee Perry is now a Christian, an heir of the heavenly Kingdom!   He was a little angel - slept right through the whole thing! - and how like the grace of God that is, He does His mighty works for us and in us and we are rather oblivious and only later come to realize what He was up to while we were snoozing!

Right now I'm off to take the Sacrament to Paul at the home.  I had tried to bring it to him last week only to find the cruet empty of wine!  Grr.  ["I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear my trousers rolled..."  That is, IF I remember where I put them!  This getting old thing is for the birds.]

Still ahead this afternoon at 5 is the Catechism Service - the Apostles' Creed, the Second Article, the First Part:  the Incarnation. Christmas, or more precisely, Annunciation.  What can be greater joy than teaching on that?  Well, greater joy by far in SINGING all the hymns of the incarnation!  I did debate using "The Angel Gabriel" to teach the whole story.  I may yet.

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Anonymous said...

The only problem? The LSB version has corrupted a fabulous old hymn by leaving OUT some of the music. I like the LSB, but there's been just a bit too much tinkering with some of the old favorites!