23 October 2007


The litany is a great prayer to remember to pray as we continue to watch the situation develop in CA.  It's found on LSB p. 288, 289.

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WM Cwirla said...

Thank you for the prayers. The air here is apocalyptic. Midday has an eerie twilight glow to it; the air is harder than usual to breath.

Brush fires are a way of life here, like the earthquakes, but the winds and low humidity have made these especially swift and fierce. Many homes have been lost in the canyons. We in the LA basin area are safe, but the area is literally ringed by fire. San Diego is the hardest hit, once again.

Remember also the firemen who put their lives on the line and work incredible hours to keep these fires contained and protect people and their homes. The doctrine of vocation comes home in a large way, as through them, the Lord defends us from all danger.

Kyrie eleison.