12 October 2007

He had a way with words...

...Luther, I mean. Here's snippet from *Wider Hanswurst* - truly one of his most outrageous writings in which he strews gems among the...well, you know:

This we say about doctrine, which must be pure and clean, namely, the dear, blessed, holy, and one word of God, without any addition. But life, which should daily direct, purify and sanctify itself according to doctrine is not yet entirely pure or holy, so long as this maggoty body of flesh and blood is alive. But as long as it is in the process of purification and sanctification, being continually healed by the Samaritan and no longer decaying in its own impurity, it is graciously excused, pardoned, and forgiven for the sake of the word, through which it is healed and purified; thus it must be called pure. This is why the holy Christian church is not a whore or unholy, because it continues to hold to and remain with the word (which is its holiness) without blemish and with strength. "You are already made clean (says Christ in John 15) by the word which I have spoken to you," not on your own account.

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