28 October 2007


Bekah played in the Wind Ensemble for Lutheran High's Fall Concert today.  They were really great!  I think my favorite piece that the Wind Ensemble did was "Be Thou My Vision" - there's one part where the clarinets were cruising past the legal speed limit!  It was a lot of fun.  It also used the weird sound of an Irish war drum.  The setting was by Larry Clark.

The choir marched in singing "Praise the Lord" - a traditional Cameroon processional.  They sang it in French and it is really a great piece.  They sang it when Lauren was first in choir there.  They also sang "You Raise Me Up" coupled with "Be Still My Soul" - very effective.  The Old Irish Blessing wrapped up the concert today.  

Congrats to all the St. Paul kids involved:  Robyn, Rebecca, and my own Rebekah.  You all did a GREAT job, together with all your fellow musicians!

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that a great many settings of "Be Thou My Vision" have very profound Clarinet parts. It was one of my favorite pieces to play at Seward in the Concert Band.

Go Clarinets!