15 October 2007

Patristic Quote of the Day

There are four modes of reward:  either (1) evil for evil, as God will reward everlasting fire to the unrighteous, or (2) good for good, as He will reward an everlasting kingdom to the righteous, or (3) good for evil, as Christ by grace justifies the ungodly, or (4) evil for good, as Judas and the Jews persecuted Christ.  Of these four modes of reward, the first two belong to justice...the third to mercy...the fourth God does not know, for to none does He reward evil for good.  But that which I have placed third in order is in the first instance necessary, for unless God rewarded good for evil, there would be none to whom He could reward good for good.  -- St. Augustine, OPS (15), p. 562

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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

St. Augustine doesn't seem to appreciate that it is precisely the GOOD things God gives to one and to all that will torment the damned. As when He raises them from the dead, separates them from sin, makes all Truth to shine upon them, shows them the love they are unable to receive, etc., etc.