12 October 2007

How Cool is the Net?

If you've ever wanted to worship at St. Paul's, you can at least watch and sing along. Here's last Sunday's liturgy from the early service, recorded for us by Adam Roe, aka The Wittenberg Catholic. Thanks for doing this, Adam!

Divine Service for Trinity 18

That's Divine Service III from LSB with Entrance Hymn #803, of the Day #694, Distribution Hymns (after anthem) #617 and 919, and Recessional #805.

P.S. My computer struggles a bit with the video. Best way to view it is to start it, and make sure it is running, then stop it. Go away and make coffee, read a book, feed the cat, walk the dog, get your coffee, come back and push go. That should get you about five minutes worth. When it starts to stutter, do the same thing. ;) You can also grab the sliding bar and move it to any point in the liturgy. For example, the Preface and following are about minute 39. You can move it ahead till that appears and then click the button for it to go again.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Weedon

Thank you for sharing your service
It was nice to spend the lunch hour
focusing on whats really important
and makes you be able to get through the afternoon


William Weedon said...


Glad you were able to watch it!

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

As I'm listening...are my ears hearing a soprano descant over the liturgy?

William Weedon said...

Er, that would be my wife. She likes to sing tenor - up high.

Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

I thought that's what was going on. I'll take tenor or bass on hymns but I usually take melody on liturgy so I don't throw everyone off. Don't want to be a stumbling block, you know. ;)

When I was younger, my mom would take the alto, and I was small enough then that I would too. It really comes out in the Gloria in Excelsis and the Agnus Dei for DS3.

That is so cool that both of you sing, and so well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the high-tech service! Now for a technical question. When we watch the service after the fact and say the confession of sins, is it you, acting on behalf of God forgiving us?

William Weedon said...


Lord, have mercy! I haven't the foggiest idea!!! What a question! I'll be pondering that for a while. :)

William Weedon said...


Music is a passion for both of us, in fact for the whole family. At St. Paul's though, if you were present, you'd hear not just the Weedons but many folks in the congregation singing the liturgy in harmony. The Anglican Chant setting of DS III just begs for it!

Chris said...

I knew it was only a matter of time :-)

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I'm going to watch the whole service tomorrow.....

Please, tell me that carpet is purple. Or red.


William Weedon said...

Let's just say that the carpet more or less matches a certain hymnal. LOL. Give up. You are surrounded!!! ;)