28 October 2007


John Behnke's "Festival Gloria" is a keeper!  And the whole of the liturgy of Divine Service, Setting Five, is a worthy and wonderful way to praise the goodness of God in our Lord Jesus Christ and to receive from Him His life-giving gifts.  It brought a smile to my face today when Rebekah said to me after the liturgy:  "That was really neat.  Are we going to use that setting again?"  


WM Cwirla said...


Just for future reference, how did you execute this service? I thought of using it today, but was somewhat deterred by all the page flipping to the various liturgical hymns. Did you use LSB entirely? Print out the service? PowerPoint projection?

I think we're going to pull this out next year, especially if we have a full time organist again and our liturgical choir is up and running.

William Weedon said...

Lutheran Service Builder, dude! We use it for our Catechism Service too (Service of Prayer and Preaching). Makes putting the bulletin together as easy as falling off a log. We printed out all the Divine Service liturgy, but referred to the hymnal for Entrance Hymn, Hymn of the Day, Distribution Hymns and final Hymn.

Christopher Esget said...

We used DS 5 at Immanuel today, and I too was surprised by the number of people who said, "When are we going to do that again?" I think it'll just be once or twice a year, though. I'm partial to DS 3!

William Weedon said...