20 October 2007

Weekend Stuff

Lauren showed up yesterday in the a.m. We ended up visiting for a while, then she headed to Metro to spend some time with her sister and to catch up with her former teachers. Jo, Cindi and I joined her for lunch at La Fonda's, and then a trip over to Office Depot to harass David for not having his phone on him. Then in the evening we built a fire, roasted hotdogs, and made smores (no, I didn't have any) - Dean and Lauren, David, Bekah, Jo, Dave, Cindi and I. The wind was blowing like crazy yesterday and the fire had a hard time of it! Then we played some cards in the middle of which Cindi and I went to a wedding rehearsal. Dean was definitely NOT the winner of the second game. And neither was Jo. It amazes me how often Bekah manages to go out on the last hand. She's going to have to teach me her trick one of these days.

Today has been a quiet day so far. Cindi and Lauren went for a bike ride and to check out Jo and Dave's set up for the Craft Fair at our local grocery. Wedding for Tom and Darlene is coming up at 1 and then the reception, then confession at 5 and the Eucharist at 6. We'll close off the day by joining Tim and Lynn and the kids for dinner at Bully's.

Tomorrow just the usual round: Divine Services and Bible Study and Catechism Service. Yup, just our Lord with His forgiveness and His body and blood and His life-giving Spirit and His words that sustain us in faith and give us a hope beyond all the joys of this life. What a life we live, people loved by God! Our God blesses us with all the little things and all the big things along the way too. How joyous it is to be His guest in this world, and to know that He has prepared for us a home - a home without any goodbyes ever again. Glory to Him forever!


Jo said...

Of course if I was sitting on the other side of you and Dean, who I might add took all the cards I needed, I would not have been one of the losers. Next time you and Dean sit on my left. How did I end up on that side anyway? I never sit to the left of you.

Anonymous said...

now grandma...you know that's not true...every time I come home I make you sit on the left of Dad because I refuse...I like taking cards from him...and dean! I think I did quite a nice job too.

William Weedon said...

Such a post can only mean you're home safe and sound. Deo gratias!

It was great to see you guys this weekend - that's for sure.