15 October 2007

Beagle Lovers!

Get thee to Rasburry's Res and enjoy some pics and writing on Porthos and Gimli. They are my two favorite beagles after Her Royal Highness Lucy. They are both FULL SIZED beagles, unlike our petite pup, so I'd say that if Pastor Asburry continues to lift them up like that off the floor, he could probably sell his bowflex. I mean, that's got to be GREAT exercise, and a whole lot more fun!


Anonymous said...

I have journeyed to Pastor Asburry's blog to feast my eyes on two more charming beagles.


Your elevation of Lucy to royalty is most appropriate!

William Weedon said...


Rest assured that I had nothing to do with the elevation. Her Majesty declared it all on her own. We are here to serve her. She makes it clear every day. :)

Randy Asburry said...

Thanks for your kind words about Porthos and Gimli (and for free advertisement for them! ;-). As for selling the Bowflex? Probably not. I actually need to use that so that I can be in shape to tussle with my Beagles!