24 October 2007


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What does love do? Love always gives itself. When love meet self, what happens? Love just keeps on being love. That's all. Love cannot be cruel, nor hate, nor attack. All that love, divine love, can do when it meets its foe is to bare its arms and go straight to the Cross. Suffering is love's only weapon.  (*The Presence* p. 71)

On the third day He rose again and thereby showed that divine love triumphs over self.  From that time on it was possible also for men who love to triumph.  The sins of men were expiated on Calvary.  But Calvary which unites men with God also draws them up to divine love, so that it now becomes their love.  This love, the divine love, the Calvary love, is the only love worthwhile.  
From all this we draw a mighty conclusion. Why is it that we so often fail our fellowmen? Why is it that we fail in our witnessing, in our mission work? It is because we lack the one thing which will save the world - divine love - Calvary love. It does not radiate through us.

It is not our human love that the world needs. This is what the world has been trying to tell us church people for a long time. But we will not agree. We place the blame for our failure everywhere but the right place, and then we keep on trying to foist our human love, tainted with self-interest, on the world, to which it says, "We don't want it; we don't trust it. We can be just as good, if not better, outside the church."

Why is it that the early Christians showed such power? It was because Calvary love, the divine love, radiated in their message and in their lives. That love was irresistible. The fascinating story of the martyrs fertilized the acres of the Church. That love alone will build the kingdom of God on earth. That love is the only missionary policy for us to follow. The pure Calvary love will draw men up. It is the only love which achieves a final victory. It is the only love which has an Easter. any other love leaves just ashes. (*The Presence* p. 72)

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