26 October 2007

Ah, the Running Around Day

Top of the day is Chapel at Metro East Lutheran High School, where Bekah attends.

The cleaners (green and white paraments need to be picked up) and the library need visits. And then there's Cindi's planner that she left at Walmart in Collinsville - we've got to go get that. And we couldn't just go to Walmart without GOING to Walmart, could we? And since we'll be in Collinsville, I think that spells GREEK food, eh? Did she say something about Aldi's? And then home for a wee bit?

Tonight we're headed out someplace with Matt and Sandy. Not sure where. We'll likely end up playing cards of some sort, though, after dinner. Tomorrow Mark, Melanie and Grace will be dropping by in the afternoon - yeah! We've never laid eyes on Grace in the flesh, so we're looking forward to that. Mark was my second vicar, and now serves as Pastor in the Central Illinois District.

So, we're off!


Rev. David M. Juhl said...

Will you be running around much next Friday? A certain family from Northern Illinois will be passing through and would love to get together for a brief spell.

William Weedon said...


Your message reminded me that it's NEXT Saturday that Mark and Melanie will be stopping by. They're also coming in town for the same thing you are!

About next Friday, though, I'm not entirely sure at the moment. There is a good possibility that we'll be over in St. Louis in the afternoon - but not at CPH. I'm hoping to replace my iBook with an update. I think that Cindi, David, and Jo (my mother-in-law) may be going along with me, and I have no idea what time we'll be getting back. I'll let you know more, though, as the day approaches and we finalize plans here. I noted that the taproom was on tap. :)

William Weedon said...

Ah, I wonder if they have their Christmas ale out yet? I love that stuff.