21 October 2007

You know...

...I'll be glad when the time change happens. Right now, it is growing dark right through the middle of our Catechism Service, and there is no comparison between the light we can give off electronically and the light that shines in the windows from the setting sun. It simply grows glum in the nave and folks get sleepy with it - shoot, *I* get sleepy with it. In a couple weeks, though, it will just BE dark when we get there. And then it won't seem so bad, I don't think. It's the dying of the light that's awkward right now. Next year I would really like to see about moving the experience up in the afternoon. We'll have to see what schedules will allow.

As to how the experience is going, I continue to be impressed with it. I love that it doesn't just include time for study, but also for Scripture reading, singing, prayer, reciting of Catechism, and the intergenerational nature makes for a wonderful challenge. Tonight was our seventh week. In my old practice we'd have only one week more of catechesis for the adults, but I shudder to think of how rushed that is, how little time it gives folks to live with the stories that shape and form our faith.

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