15 October 2007

The Can't Agree

over which one is the REAL mistress of the house:


Past Elder said...

Our female dog Sheba, who died a few months ago, and Nancy had the same issue!

After Nancy died, I noticed Sheba started doing a number of things -- coming in during the boys' baths to check it out, going in their room after they went to bed to check them out, waiting for me to come to bed and curling up on Nancy's side.

I mentioned this to the vet, who said that dogs even domesticated still think in terms of the pack, with the family replacing the dog pack in the wild. So Sheba saw herself as the crown princess, and when Nancy died, assumed the role of ranking female in the pack.

Interesting that in Nancy's final days, Sheba absolutely refused to leave her bed, would cry and bark after being taken out to "do her business" until she was put back with her, and just before the end gave me a look that unmistakably showed she knew exactly what was happening.

And if that isn't ausgefreaking enough -- Smokie, the cat Nancy had from before we even started dating, when she passed away went to exactly the spot where Nancy died to do it.

Sheba though didn't fight with Smokie over senior female status: Smokie being a cat, Sheba I think naturally assumed that doesn't count!

Maybe in the new heavens and earth we'll know the full story!

Anonymous said...

Well, now that you've all made me darn near cry into my coffee!

What a heartwarming story, Terry. The faithfulness of dogs (and cats -- oh, all right, SOME cats) and their unconditional love for us are such a gift from God. I can see that Sheba was a very much loved member of your family.

Besides longing to see my human loved ones in the world to come the thought of sitting under a tree (there will surely be trees in the new heaven and earth) with all my past furry friends snuggled around me (and the dogs I loved will not be permitted to look at the cats I loved and yell "Lunch!!") would be truly heavenly.


My aging pooch is very much also beginning to show the same traits as your beloved Sheba. My (retired) husband tells me that when I am at work the pooch usually sacks out in the bedroom on my side to await my return.

As for Lucy, it is very apparent that she is treated with the extreme devotion befitting her royal status! I just love those ears!

Past Elder said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it -- and didn't bat an eye at my Stearns County German "ausgefreak"!

Our new dog is a Schnauzer. Female, the only female in the house unless you count the goldfish. No doubt she will mature into a fine German woman and beg for stollen and sausage, which I get in large quantities anyway so there's plenty!

When we're dressing in the morning she loves to come in and snatch socks or whatever and run off with them, and whoever's stuff has been snatched hollers "Schnauzer bandit" to alert everyone else!

Anonymous said...

She is the mistress of the house.
Don't deny it.
You look her in the eye and she says she's the queen!

(She refers to Lucy as that dumb creature who can't even pee in the right spot.) -no comment. she USED to be able to.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it -- and didn't bat an eye at my Stearns County German "ausgefreak"!

"Ausgefreak" will be immediately admitted into the German lexicon, I find it delightful! More proof that language is an ever evolving construct!

So you now have a sock-snarfing female Schnauzer! Herzliche gratulieren! Sounds like you've made a great addition to the family (and there's no doubt she will have an inborn appreciation for stollen and sausage).

One of my sisters-in-law had a miniature Schnauzer and how that little guy used to keep me busy when we visited. I must have thrown his toys for him 15 times per second and he'd still be back for more, racing madly through the house to fetch. Wore me out! Then he'd hop in my lap for some cuddle time. Great little dog.

One of my ambitions when I retire is to help out at some local shelters, walking and playing with pups and kitties awaiting for adoption. That is if I can handle the fact that I can't take them all home. I get attached very quickly.

At the same time, there is no getting around the fact that any resident feline will look upon themselves as far superior to any canines with whom they deign to share their abode.