30 October 2007


Alfred received the Sacrament today!!!  It's been a few months since we've managed it, but today he smiled, prayed much of the Lord's Prayer, said "Amen" at the appropriate spots and opened his mouth to receive his Savior's body and blood.  It is always such a joy when he is able to receive! Clara said he looks so sweet when he smiles (and he does).  I told her that's what she fell for all those years ago.  She laughed.

Some shutins were rather down (I wonder how much is due to the disappearing light) and some seemed as chipper as ever.  We watched a squirrel for a while outside of Ella's room absolutely pigging out on the bird feeder just the other side of her window. Really cute, and he could care less that we were there watching him. He was interested in only one thing:  eating ALL that food!!! Ella turns 83 tomorrow; I told her she was just a child.  :)

It was a blessing to see them all - well, almost all.  Two more to visit tomorrow! All these folks with so many reasons to be down, and yet leaning hard on the presence of their Lord, the One who comes to them in His body and blood to strengthen and sustain their faith until He sees fit to bring them home.

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WM Cwirla said...

I greatly appreciate these little vignettes of humble parish life that you provide on this blog - visits, sermons, prayer, readings. What impresses is the gracious ordinariness of it all. Holiness and faithfulness appear quite ordinary in this world, unnoticed even, which is as it should be.

Thank you.