24 October 2007

The Presence

64 pages in.  Some things that raise the eyebrow, but overwhelmingly my response is WOW!  This man gets it.  Gets it a way that blows me away:

So we must learn to know what our true destiny in life is.  How is it that we so often miss this great fundamental lesson, which is so basic on almost every page of the Gospels? Take that story of the poor lad who left his home. His greatest wrong was not that he wanted to enjoy wine, women and song, nor that he asked his father for the inheritance, but that he wanted to be independent of his father.  

The great problem which we face in the world is not the problem of sin committed. That problem was solved on Calvary. The baffling problem of the prophet is that man still wants to be independent of God. This was the big mistake of our first parents in Paradise. They wanted to be like God. They wanted to be like God. They wanted a place where they could be absolutely independent. Man still loses Paradise because of his God-almightiness.  


What is your destiny? Labor will say "Shorter hours, better living conditions, increased wages."  The industrialist will answer, "Greater industry." The capitalist, "Money." How many will say, "My destiny is to be One with God?"

So.... I am thinking you all are going to be hearing a LOT more from Von Schenk in the days to come.  :)

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