30 October 2007

Patristic Quote of the Day

But if the life to come were to admit those who lack the faculties and senses necessary for it, it would avail nothing for their happiness, but they would be dead and miserable living in that blessed and immortal world.  -- St. Nicholas Cabasilas, *The Life in Christ* p. 43 [with echoes of *The Last Battle* ringing in and the dwarfs who would not be "taken in."]

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Anonymous said...

David said he'd HOPEFULLY get the pictures out today...and they'll be online, so you'll be able to look to once I send a link...He said he took over 900 (ps that's more than all the pictures that we have...) but he's only putting the good ones online...I figure, if you and mom and Tim and Lynn go through them and each pick out your top 30 or so (20 go in the album) and Dean and I will do the same...and theeeen we'll see which are our fav's!