26 October 2007

As the Light Fades

One of the things I love, and have always loved, is to be outside at night, seeing the light that comes from houses lit and warm and dinners prepared and waiting. But in my family there is a slight disagreement on this.

Rebakah feels that if the curtains are not drawn in the dining room, she's on display. So first thing she does in the evening is shut them tight. I remember walking the streets and being cheered by the light from windows and families sitting down together - the aroma of dinners of all sorts drifting on the cold air. So I never think about the open window. I rather think others might be cheered by the light! Besides, the only folks who will look in are people attending a sports event at the school.

One other little problem in my paradise of fading light. Cindi's S.A.D. So she has a light bulb she puts in one of the living room lamps. It doesn't glow that warm yellow glow that I associate with lamps on in the evening. It is supposed to imitate daylight. But from outside - to me at any rate - the thing just looks GREEN. And the fact that it is not the same color as the light from the matching lamp drives me batty.

Oh, well, with green light bulbs and shut curtains, it is still a wonderful cozy feeling to gather in the dark and share a meal and enjoy each other's companionship. "We have come to the setting of the sun and we look to the evening light..."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have just about the same scenario at my house. My husband is always chirping at me to keep the curtains drawn, yadda yadda yadda. Well, he's a retired Cleveland police officer so I know he's seen things that could make one's hair stand on end ... but

I've got a real thing about the beauty of dusk and light.

Anonymous said...

and doesn't the the Phos Hilaron describe the beauty of the "joyous light of Glory" that is Jesus Christ!

Doorman-Priest said...

Tell Cindi I know all about SAD. My commiserations.

Cha said...

I also love to go by houses in the early evening and see the warm light eminating from them.

It always makes me want to go and be in my own home ...


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

As a fellow PK I must agree with your daughter - my blinds are always shut. Being a PK makes you much more conscious of being on display, and makes you dislike it much more than perhaps you would otherwise.