07 October 2007

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, Pastor

Today our Churches commemorate Pastor Muhlenberg. From Synod's website:

Moving from the Old World to the New, Muhlenberg established the shape of Lutheran parishes for America during a 45-year ministry in Pennsylvania. Born at Einbeck, Germany, in 1711, he came to the American colonies in 1742. A tireless traveler, Muhlenberg helped to found many Lutheran congregations and was the guiding force behind the first American Lutheran synod, the Ministerium of Pennsylvania, founded in 1748. He valued the role of music in Lutheran worship (often serving as his own organist) and was also the guiding force in preparing the first American Lutheran liturgy (also in 1748). Muhlenberg is remembered as a church leader, a journalist, a liturgist, and—above all—a pastor to the congregation in his charge. He died in 1787, leaving behind a large extended family and a lasting heritage: American Lutheranism.

[It is a real joy to me to see this commemoration in our Synod, because too often the LCMS has acted and spoken as if the Lutheran Church arrived on these shores with the Saxons! It's great to remember the founder of that heritage that led to folks like Krauth, the Henkels and Henry Eyster Jacobs.]


Sam said...

Now I'm just waiting on the forthcoming prayer book based on LSB, which I'm told, will include collects for commemorations!

solarblogger said...

Used copies of Notebook of a Colonial Clergyman, a selection of entries from Muhlenberg's extensive journals, can often be found online. I'd highly recommend them. There is also a three volume set you can find in some good libraries, but those are priced out of my league.